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Through the effective collaboration of public and private partnerships, Outreach Pawsabilities empowers military veterans, people with disabilities, and others with special needs with a sense of security, as well as loyal companionship, to help them to live self-sufficient, fulfilling, independent lives.

Reaching those in need nationwide, Outreach Pawsabilities delivers fully trained service dogs to those who otherwise could not afford them. Addressing the holistic needs of each of our clients, while promoting Transparency, Communication, and Trust. Outreach Pawsabilities is the premier nonprofit service animal resource in the State of Utah and throughout the United States.

Service Dog Program

Our service dog program focuses on obtaining service dogs and placing them with individuals, families and veterans who need them. Our program follows all guidelines and conditions that are required for service dogs. All instructors who work with the animals have former experience with service dogs and make sure that they are equipped with the skills and abilities that fit the service dog criteria. The placement of the dog begins with the dog picking its person. Once we find the right fit we move forward with specialty training according to that persons needs. This program is in constant motion, so that we are able to successfully place service dogs year-round.

Rescue Program

Our service dog placement facility also serves as a rescue. We take any animal when space is available regardless of age, temperament, and/or medical condition, and strive to either rehome the animals or make sure they are comfortable for the rest of their lives. All animals are spayed/neutered before they are rehomed, unless they are under 6 months of age, in which situation the adoptee will have to sign a written consent to have the animal spayed or neutered when they come of age. All animals are also vaccinated, and all known medical conditions are addressed and treated appropriately. Animals are evaluated for personality, and then they are carefully matched to a home that will provide only the very best. Should their temperament not be suitable for a home, we take measures to care for the animal ourselves.

OJT Program (On The Job Training)

Our OJT program focuses on helping displaced and trafficked women who are unable to obtain employment. We provide shelter and a 9 month training course for these women, so that they will be able to build a career. This way we are helping the women turn their lives around and acquire both skills and a job in the process.

Foster Program

For those who wish to get involved and support our efforts, Outreach Pawsabilities offers opportunities to foster our rescues or our service dogs. During this period, we will provide foster parents with the chance to become a certified trainer at no cost as a personal and heartfelt ‘thank you’ for opening their home to our dogs.

Certified Dog Trainer Program

For those looking to enhance their careers by becoming a dog trainer, we offer a dog trainer program that will cover not only the fundamentals, but also each component that is necessary to successfully train a dog. Our training program includes:

  • 3 Months Basic Obedience
  • 6 Months Advanced Obedience
  • 9 Months Service Dog Program

Therapy Dog Program

We work with individuals who would like their dogs to become therapy dogs, as well as taking our own therapy dogs, to different care centers and special needs schools as well as other facilities that invite us throughout the community.